Target Your Grief

There are many articles, books and blogs explaining different ways on how to move on from your ex-partner. Some of these examples include taking time out for yourself, going on a 5-star retreat, going out with friends, meeting new people, exercising at the gym, picking up new hobbies…. the list goes on. These are temporary measures people take to have some feeling of relief. But ultimately you are left with yourself and any unresolved feelings.  You could be in a 5 star retreat and temporarily feeling nice but when you go back to your room you are left with YOU and your unresolved issues. You may feel the grief then starts to resurface. What happens when the 5 star retreat ends? Or when you come home from the gym and the thoughts come rushing through your head about your ex-partner and your life together? Some people will use numerous measures to numb these unpleasant emotions by drinking alcohol, using drugs, binge watching TV, social media, phone scrolling, having lots of sex, binge eating, shopping. These are just some examples of what can even become addictions in order to not FEEL and numb out the pain. The truth of the matter is, to resolve grief and to truly move on from your ex-partner, deeper level processing is required. Reading about the topic of how to move on from a relationship breakdown is one thing. But just reading about something does not mean that you have worked on resolving the issue.

This program is designed to help you process your grief in order to truly move on. It is written and developed by an experienced Clinical Psychologist, Edyta Stepien, who has successfully used this program with thousands of individuals experiencing all forms of relationship grief. Edyta became aware that the structure of this program did not require face to face therapy sessions to achieve progress and results. It became clear and apparent that this program could be easily completed in a self-paced format in the comfort of your own home.