Signs of Relationship Grief

Have you been through a relationship breakdown and are you struggling with grief? Moving on from a relationship and dealing with the grief can be very difficult. This program can assist you if you are experiencing grief or any of the following:

  • Feeling stuck in the pain and hurt
  • Having regular thoughts of the past relationship
  • Finding it painful to talk about the experience
  • Feeling anger, sadness, guilt or regret when thinking of the past relationship
  • Don’t want to start a new relationship out of fear of it failing or feeling hurt
  • Looking at photos of your ex partner and social media accounts on a regular basis
  • Frequent dreams of the ex partner or nightmares
  • Obsessive thinking about your ex-partners’ new life or their new partner
  • You want to move on from the relationship but don’t want to see a therapist
  • You have tried therapy but have not been able to move on

If you feel hurt after a relationship breakdown and are unable to let go, this program aims to help you process the grief which can keep you stuck and unable to move forward. You can choose to heal your pain and grief. This program will guide you through the stages of processing your grief and healing from it. It will allow you to make sure your past relationship won’t affect your future ones.