EXAMPLE My friends were visiting me from far away. I was so excited because it was New Year’s Eve. I tried to not push myself physically too much but I cleaned a few windows to make sure it looked presentable. I was only 5 weeks pregnant. During the fireworks I felt more intense cramping and it became more and more severe. When I got home I had brown spotting. I curled up in bed and my friend was trying to re-assure me that it was nothing and that I needed to rest. I knew it was a miscarriage in my heart. The next day I felt the cramping and spotting intensify. I went into hospital but a few hours in the nursing staff were extremely dismissive and negative telling me that if it was a miscarriage nothing could be done anyway and sent me home. I left even more upset. That night I had very severe pains and had to go back into the hospital. This time around the staff were completely different and supportive. They confirmed that it was a miscarriage and that they could provide me with all the pain relief medication needed. I was kept overnight and I was advised that the next morning I would have a scan.