Edyta Stepien is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience in the profession. She has treated and assisted thousands of people to transform their lives. She specializes in Cognitive Behavior Therapy which is considered one of the most successful evidence based treatments for anxiety and depression. Edyta has completed a Master of Clinical Psychology and has a full registration with the Psychologists Registration Board of Australia. She is also a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the College of Clinical Psychologists, Australia’s largest body for the profession.

The programs that Edyta has created are available exclusively on our site. They include strategies that have the potential to significantly improve the lives of people undertaking them.

crop ethnic psychologist writing on clipboard during session


Evoke Mind programs offer a self paced, hands on approach to healing and growth. You can read about a topic such as depression, anxiety, grief or self worth but unless you implement strategies you may remain in the same position without change. Our programs offer hands on strategies that allow you to heal and grow so that you can create a new version of yourself. Our programs have been developed through years of application and practice with thousands of clients in one on one and group format therapy sessions. Each program has been tailored to a specific area and are full of practical hands on content and learning exercises that have shown to provide strategies required for healing and growth. Read more about our programs by clicking on the links below.