What is the program about?

10 Steps To Process Relationship Grief is not a book. It is an actual resource that can assist you in processing your pain and help you to heal from a relationship breakdown. You can read about coping with relationship grief but unless you actually work on steps to process it and release the emotions, the grief can remain stuck for many years. Throughout this program, you will be guided through hands on strategies to assist you in this journey.

The 10 Steps To Process Relationship Grief program has been designed by a Clinical Psychologist to assist you in processing your grief and allow for an emotional release in order to let go of the pain and hurt and look forward to a new chapter in your life.

So what’s in the program?

10 Steps to Process Relationship Grief is made up of 10 parts that guide you to overcome your grief from a relationship breakdown.

  • PART 1 – Deciding if it is over
  • This is an important decision making step to ensure that you are ready to let go of the relationship. Deciding that you definitely want to end the relationship is the first step in working on your healing and growth after a relationship breakdown. In this section you will be asked some key questions that will allow you to reflect on what is important to you. In order to start the healing process you want to make sure that you definitely feel ready to let the relationship go.
  • PART 2 – Understanding grief
  • You will learn about what grief is, the different stages of grief and the common symptoms people display when faced with grief. It is very reassuring to understand what is happening to you and the grieving process.
  • PART 3 – Learning to release painful emotions safely
  • It is powerful to have an internal relationship with yourself. You will learn about grounding steps to be able to bring yourself emotionally back into a safe place and strategies that will help support your emotional wellbeing. You will learn the exact steps to release your emotions in a safe and productive manner.
  • PART 4 – Describing how the relationship ended
  • This therapeutic process is made up of a series of in-depth questions which allow you to process step by step how the relationship ended and your emotions around it. These questions will guide you to know exactly why you feel a certain way and this allows for you to process the loss.
  • PART 5 – Delving into the relationship
  • This part will get you to answer a number of questions relating to your relationship with your ex partner. Describing what they were like and what it was like to be in a relationship with them are just some of the questions you will explore to help you process the loss. This therapeutic process will lead to more clarity and understanding of the relationship. This process will also tap deeper into feelings of missing your ex partner and parts of your life with the ex partner.
  • PART 6 – Expressing feelings
  • It is important to be able to express how you are feeling now that the relationship is over. Anger, sadness and guilt are some key feelings that you will be able to express here.
  • PART 7 – Resolving your inner conflict
  • It is very powerful to express what you are still holding onto and to resolve the inner conflict in order to be able to say goodbye. This part guides you how to best do this in a way that allows you to express your pain and release any emotions. It guides you to become ready and to say goodbye to the relationship. All important battles are fought from within so remember this is your grief and an internal battle to let go. In this process you will realise that you don’t need to communicate with your ex partner to resolve the emotions. It is something that you can do from within yourself.
  • PART 8 – The letting go process
  • Once you reach the stage of being able to say good bye you will be ready to enter the letting go process. This section focuses on letting go methods in order to start the next chapters of your life.
  • PART 9 – Goal setting
  • This is a very important step following grief work. Setting new goals for your life is a powerful start to your new future and it prevents being stuck or feeling hopeless and helpless. This can prevent feelings of depression as it guides you to new goals you will design for the next steps of your new life.
  • PART 10 – The importance of values
  • This last part focuses on future relationships and most importantly attracting healthy relationships. The importance of your values and the values of the people you attract into your life are explored. You will have the opportunity to gain further insight into yourself and your values. This process will allow you to make better decisions when meeting new support networks or dating. This will ensure that the new people you will allow into your life will align with your values. This can improve long term relationship satisfaction.

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