This is not a book. It is an actual resource that can assist in processing your pain and help you to heal from a relationship breakdown. You can read about coping with relationship grief but unless you actually work on steps to process it and release the emotions, the grief can remain stuck for many years. Throughout this program, you will be guided through hands on strategies to assist you on this journey.

This 10 Part program has been designed to assist you in processing your grief and allow for an emotional release in order to let go of the pain and hurt and look forward to a new chapter in your life.

  • PART 1 – Deciding if it is over
  • PART 2 – Understanding grief
  • PART 3 – Learning to release painful emotions safely
  • PART 4 – Describing how the relationship ended
  • PART 5 – Reconstructing the relationship
  • PART 6 – Expressing feelings
  • PART 7 – Letter writing
  • PART 8 – The letting go process
  • PART 9 – Goal setting
  • PART 10 – The importance of values

If you feel hurt from a relationship breakdown and are unable to let go, this program aims to help you process emotional pain which can keep you stuck and unable to move forward. You can choose to heal your pain and grief. This step by step process will guide you through the stages of processing your grief and healing from it. It will guide you to make sure your past relationship won’t affect your future ones.

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