A Program That Targets Your Grief

You can target your grief and create new chapters in your life.

Are You Struggling With Grief after a Relationship Breakdown?

You Have The Power To Let Go And Move On

10 Steps To Process Relationship Grief is a program designed to give you a hands on practical approach with guided methods to help you overcome grief from a relationship breakdown.

Developed By A Clinical Psychologist

This program has been developed by experienced Clinical Psychologist, Edyta Stepien, who has over 22 years of industry experience. Edyta has assisted thousands of people in her private practice and developed this world class program to assist individuals going through grief from a relationship breakdown.

frequently asked questions

You will use the username and password you selected when purchasing the program to login each time you want to access it. Simply go to the My Account tab and login using your credentials. Once logged in, go to the My Programs tab and select your program.

It is designed as a self-paced program and on average will take 1-2 weeks to complete but it can be completed sooner depending on how quickly you want to process your grief. You have 6 months to complete the program from when you purchase it. It is important to complete the program within a 6 month period as it is not recommended to remain stuck and to leave the grief unresolved. You have the ability to request an extension if circumstances require this.

Our program can be accessed from a laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet. You will require an internet connection to access it from your device.

10 Steps To Process Relationship Grief has been developed for anyone who is going through a relationship breakdown and is experiencing grief. The program is equally effective if you feel grief from a one month long relationship to an over 50 year plus relationship. It makes no difference whether it was a marriage, engagement, exclusive committed relationship, brief sexual relationship, internet relationship or casual relationship.

The program is made up of 10 parts:

  • Deciding if it is over
  • Understanding grief
  • Learning to release painful emotions safely
  • Describing how the relationship ended
  • Delving into the relationship
  • Expressing feelings
  • Resolving your inner conflict
  • The letting go process
  • Goal setting
  • The importance of values

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